I had this site up an running in September 2016, at the time I had planned to host some resources for my students.  I started to think that the students might benefit from using WordPress in class, it is after all a very popular CMS.

The site has grown in content and facilitated some excellent collaboration work in the classroom which I am very pleased with.  Administration has been difficult and finding time to build a custom admin panel hasn’t been easy.  However I have learned a great deal since launching the site.

That brings me to the point of this first post.  I am migrating everything from my alternate portfolio site developed in ASP.NET to WordPress.  I decided to do this purely for the convenience of posting my own content through the myriad of mobile apps, tools and plugins that make it easier to create and share my content.

I hope this is the first post of many, I hope that you find something here that interests you.  Most of all I hope to see you again, welcome.



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