Ludum Dare update 1.2

Very limited time to work on the game jam this weekend but I thought I’d spend the weekend working on something as my development time has been taken up with the site recently.

The theme: A Small World

Announced at 2am on Friday, I had nothing!  Spent 2hrs setting up the project in GitHub and playing with Ableton looking for inspiration which generated a 30 seconds concept which may or may not make the game.  Tiredness started to take its toll but I did manage to draft a design before heading to bed for a few hours.



I couldn’t find the fun in the design with the Ludum deadline and decided a bit of sleep would help me with an alternative idea.  After listening to the Manchester Uni podcast this week specifically [16:45];

A quote from the podcast taken from Andrew Ung “the problem of artificial intelligence rising as an intelligence force that has its own conscientiousness is like worrying about humans overpopulating Mars”.  This became part of the inspiration for my Small World custom physics side scrolling adventure game.

As I’ve misplaced my Wacom graphics tablet pen I tested a few drawing apps on the iPad, with the theme “A Small World” I started to draw a female astronaut;

We work with the tools we have!

My main character is a male astronaut, which I think builds an interesting love story for our narrative in line with the “A Small World” theme.

After this point progress has been slow, the complexity of developing physics animations may ultimately be the undoing of me on this Ludum Dare challenge, as you can see from the behaviour of player character, there’s a lot of tweaking yet to be done!

I am still going, the game may not make the deadline but there’s still plenty of scope on this project,


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